Short-Term Programs 

Basic and Advanced Ramp Operations Training Program

This program is designed to provide the participants the basic knowledge of the various tasks required in handling the turn-around flight requirements of an aircraft.

Basic and Advanced Flight Handling Course

This program is designed to develop the ability of the participants to satisfactorily handle the various tasks required in handling passengers and baggage of arriving and departing flights.

Advanced Cabin Crew Preparatory Course

It is a short-term course given for Hospitality Management, Human resources management and Customer relation management. Students are given theory and practical classes to ultimately face with confidence the stringent standards of the aviation industry.

Travel Services NC II

It is a short-term course which provides students the knowledge and skills in travel services. It seeks to produce graduates that are highly competent in the industry of travel and travel management operations. This course includes marketing, sales, itinerary planning, and tour guiding.

Tour Guiding Services NC II

It is a short-term course which provides students with a strong foundation in the fields of travel, tour and event management which are essential for tour guiding. It aims to hone the students to manage and assist tourists from the day of their arrival up to their departure.

Front Office Services NC II

Students with this qualification will have skills in conducting the process of making reservations, registering and checking-in and checking out a guest in computerized reservation system. Student can be employed as reservation agent or clerk, front office or desk clerk, receptionist, bellman or porter and club concierge.

Food & Beverage NC II

A short-term program designed to provide students with skills in providing food & beverage service to guest or customers in hotels, motels, restaurants, clubs, resorts and luxury liners. It provides link between the kitchen and service area. Employment opportunities are Food attendant or food server, Waiter and Busboy.

Bartending NC II

Students under this program could achieve skills related to bar areas such as bar operation, preparing and mixing cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, providing wine services to guests in hotels, motels, restaurants, clubs, resorts and luxury liner cruise. Trainees who have completed these skills are competent to be a Busboy, Bartender, Wine Stewards and Bar Porter.

Housekeeping NC II

This program provides students with competencies in preparing guest rooms. Cleaning premises and equipment, laundry linens and guest clothes, providing housekeeping and valet services in hotels, motels, clubs, hospitals, resorts, dormitories and luxury liners. Upon completion, a student is qualified to be a Room or Cabin attendant, Houseman/ Public Area Attendant, Valet Runner, Marker-Sorter, and Butler

Driving Lesson

Be a defensive driver for just Five (5) days. This program is designed specifically to provide trainee with necessary skills in Automobile Driving either Manual or Automatic Transmission. Program includes Driving preparation and inspection, moving and breaking, proper turning, parking techniques, and familiarization with traffic rules and regulations.